With 100+ Speakers and 10 central themes, Tech in Gov is the most comprehensive cross-sector event for government, IT, and executive level professionals in Australia. Each year, they descend on Canberra to meet to see the latest tech and do business.

Our presenters are disrupters & visionary industry leaders who, year after year, help our attendees improve their practice and give answers on the issues which matter most.


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Relevance, dynamism and insight. Say hello to just a few of the speakers you will learn from in 2021.

  • Ramez Katf at Tech in Gov
    Ramez Katf
    Chief Information Officer
    Australian Taxation Office
  • Bridget Brill at Tech in Gov
    Bridget Brill
    FAS/Executive Director - Australian Passport Office
    Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
  • Randall Brugeaud at Tech in Gov
    Randall Brugeaud
    Chief Executive Officer
    Australian Digital Transformation Agency
  • Leanne Fry at Tech in Gov
    Leanne Fry
    Chief Innovation Officer & Chief Information Security Officer
  • Lesley Honeyman at Tech in Gov
    Lesley Honeyman
    Director Cyber Security Operations, Cyber Security NSW
    NSW Department of Customer Service
  • Toby Amodio at Tech in Gov
    Toby Amodio
    Chief Information Security Officer
    Australian Taxation Office
  • Cassandra Meagher at Tech in Gov
    Cassandra Meagher
    Executive Director, Service Reform
    Service Victoria
  • Kathryn Green at Tech in Gov
    Kathryn Green
    Director of Digital Technology, Chief Information Officer & Chief Information Security Officer
    Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency
  • Steve Hodgkinson at Tech in Gov
    Steve Hodgkinson
    Chief Information Officer
    Victorian Department of Health
  • Simon Walsh at Tech in Gov
    Simon Walsh
    National Manager Operational Science and Technology
    Australian Federal Police
  • Kayelle Drinkwater at Tech in Gov
    Kayelle Drinkwater
    General Manager, Data and Policy Design Branch, Analysis and Insight Division
    Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources
  • Dr Ian Oppermann at Tech in Gov
    Dr Ian Oppermann
    NSW Chief Data Scientist and UTS Industry Professor
    NSW Department of Customer Service
  • Sam Grunhard at Tech in Gov
    Sam Grunhard
    First Assistant Secretary, Critical Infrastructure Security Division
    Department of Home Affairs
  • Rachel Dixon at Tech in Gov
    Rachel Dixon
    Privacy and Data Protection Deputy Commissioner
    Office of the Victorian Information Commissioner
  • Marcel van Kints at Tech in Gov
    Marcel van Kints
    General Manager & Chief Data Officer Data Strategy, Integration and Services Division
    Australian Bureau of Statistics
  • Monica Whitty at Tech in Gov
    Monica Whitty
    UNSW Institute for Cyber Security
  • Adam Carthew at Tech in Gov
    Adam Carthew
    Chief Information Officer
    Service Victoria
  • Amanda Ianna at Tech in Gov
    Amanda Ianna
    NSW Registry of Births Deaths & Marriages
  • Chris Goldsmid at Tech in Gov
    Chris Goldsmid
    Commander Cybercrime Operations
    Australian Federal Police
  • Patricia Lebreton at Tech in Gov
    Patricia Lebreton
    Cyber Security Influence & Awareness Manager
    Transport for NSW
  • Charles McHardie AM at Tech in Gov
    Charles McHardie AM
    Deputy CEO, Transformation Projects Group
    Services Australia
  • Dr Stephenie Andal at Tech in Gov
    Dr Stephenie Andal
    Head of Strategic Policy
    Cyber Security Cooperative Research Centre
  • Jonathon Thorpe at Tech in Gov
    Jonathon Thorpe
    Division Head Digital Identity & myGov
    Australian Digital Transformation Agency
  • Karl Hanmore at Tech in Gov
    Karl Hanmore
    First Assistant Director-General Cyber Security Services
    Australian Signals Directorate
  • Darren Bark at Tech in Gov
    Darren Bark
    Deputy Chairman
    Biometrics Institute
  • Tammy Braybrook at Tech in Gov
    Tammy Braybrook
    Chief Data Officer
    IP Australia
  • Bettina Konti at Tech in Gov
    Bettina Konti
    Chief Digital Officer
    Chief Minister, Treasury and Economic Development Directorate, ACT Government





AI & Machine Learning
Digital Transformation
Blockchain & RegTech
Cyber Security





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