Frederic Clarke, Principal Data Scientist, Australian Bureau of Statistics

Frederic Clarke |  | Australian Bureau of Statistics » speaking at Tech in Gov

Sue Keay, CEO, Queensland AI Hub

Sue Keay |  | Queensland AI Hub » speaking at Tech in Gov

Simon Lucey, Director, Australian Institute for Machine Learning

Simon Lucey |  | Australian Institute for Machine Learning » speaking at Tech in Gov

Dr Ian Oppermann, NSW Chief Data Scientist and UTS Industry Professor, NSW Department of Customer Service

Dr Ian Oppermann |  | NSW Department of Customer Service » speaking at Tech in Gov
last published: 24/Jun/21 04:05 GMT

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, Tuesday 10 August 2021

Dr Ian Oppermann
Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Implementing the use of AI across government agencies

  • Use of AI comes with the same challenges of data sharing and use. It also comes with challenges unique to AI
  • Building assurance frameworks is an important step in deploying AI
  • This presentation will explore sensitivities, considerations and frameworks for use of AI in government.
Simon Lucey
Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Efficient Government through AI?

  • AI is revolutionising all aspects of our economy and society, government is no exception.
  • It’s incumbent upon the Australian Government at local, state and federal level, to embrace this change.
  • AIML is attempting to lead this transition by acting as a conduit between world class researchers and major Australian stakeholders, including industry and government services.
Sue Keay
Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

The State of the AI industry in Australia

  • Find out about the local AI capability accessible in Australia and where our strengths and weaknesses lie
  • Hear about the common challenges that AI companies face in dealing with government departments
  • Consider the policy and procurement changes required to embrace the opportunities promised by emerging tech such as AI
Frederic Clarke
Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

The use of AI and emerging methods for extracting insights from multisource data

last published: 24/Jun/21 05:05

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, Wednesday 11 August 2021

last published: 24/Jun/21 05:05

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