Tech in Gov: Australia’s leading Annual Government ICT Event

Tech in Gov is a large scale two day conference and exhibition bringing together ICT leaders and department heads from Federal and State Government. Delegates attend to learn, network and source ICT solutions that will play an integral part in ongoing public sector ICT modernization.

The event focuses on ICT issues that matter most to government:

  • Delivering streamlined services 24x7 in an “on demand and open” society
  • Enabling the strategic use of ICT to deliver on policy and effective governance
  • Engaging openly to build and leverage knowledge and foster collaboration



Tech in Gov 2019 brings together a high level, public sector focused audience, with market leaders in ICT and emerging digital technologies. Co-located alongside a vibrant solutions exhibition, this multi-platform conference program offers attendees the opportunity to create their own tailored experience. The event is designed to close the knowledge gap to allow Federal, State and Local Government Departments and Agencies to collaborate, share knowledge and foster innovation.


Tech in Gov is targeted at three distinct, yet interrelated, audiences;

  1. Government ICT Leaders, Managers and Department Heads (Federal, State and Local)
  2. Government Policy Makers
  3. ICT Solution Providers



The potential of innovation in government is significant, yet the challenges governments often face are substantial. Despite this, government departments across the country are finding new ways to leverage technology to overcome bureaucratic barriers that enable connections across and beyond government, transforming the way they work, streamlining their operations, and improving the lives of their people.

The Tech in Gov Future Services congress is focused on exploring global and local case studies of technology innovation in government that is impacting the lives of staff and citizens. Thought leaders from across the country and around the world will share insight into how they are embracing and leveraging new technologies to innovate by overcoming old structures and modes of thinking.


When the Dyn DDoS attack occurred in 2016, it quickly became apparent that the world had entered an alarming new era of Internet vulnerability. Which is why the public and private sectors have a shared duty and responsibility for maintaining our country’s security online, defending individual and national interests in cyberspace, in order to protect businesses and individuals from cyber attack.

Ensuring that Australia maintains a secure cyberspace builds trust and confidence for individuals, business and the public sector to do business, share information and innovate online. The Tech in Gov Cyber Security congress brings together leading thinkers from public and private sectors from across the country and around the globe to share insight into the changing landscape of cyber risk.


Digital identity has fast become one of the most significant technology trends on the planet, so much so that almost every country’s public and private sectors are investing significant time and resource into developing the capabilities to verify identity across a wide range of online transaction services.

Yet in this new era of Internet vulnerability, protecting privacy and personal information is paramount, which is why the government and the private sector need to collaborate. The Identity congress brings together public and private sector innovators and leading thinkers to share insight into how they are working within Australia's National Identity Security Strategy to guide identity security initiatives in key areas, such as maintaining the security of identity documents, authentication standards, biometric interoperability and integrity of identity data holdings, as well as procedures for document verification.


EXPLORE  the role of next-gen technologies in executing strategy and enhancing service delivery
UNCOVER  how developments in legislation and procurement procedures will affect your department
MEASURE  the progress your transformation initiatives against successful project case studies
DISCOVER  how international governments are leveraging technology to better serve their citizens
CREATE  your own conference agenda from seven tailored programs
NETWORK  with other government professional, the private sector and entrepreneur community
ACCESS  the biggest live market place of emerging public and private ICT technologies