Year-round Marketing




From March 2017, the website garnered a total of 14,875 web sessions and 32,951 page views with 7,261 new users.

Content Marketing

We have an online resource centre, a community blog and a few rounds of emails to promote the download of sponsors’ and speakers’ past presentations and other downloadable content such as whitepapers and eBooks.


Email Marketing

Since December 2016, 45 emails have been sent out to an average of 52,000 to promote sponsors, speakers and delegates acquisition.


Re-marketing of event banners in various formats was done through Google Display Networks, where the event was re-marketed to anyone who visited the event website.


Database Research

Contact details of over 9,057 telecom industry professionals were updated and researched.


One telemarketer is currently assigned to the event since May 2017, reaching out to a highly targeted call list of over 5,000 industry contacts.


Association and Media Partnerships

We are partnering with some leading publications and associations, and have banners and events listing on their websites, email broadcasts, and newsletters to members. The event will also be mentioned and broadcasted on some of their social media accounts.

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