SeaGard Ltd was formed due to the need for a dedicated marine asset monitoring and protection service. Using the most up to date technical software combined with generations worth of maritime knowledge, SeaGard aims to be the world leader in marine asset protection.
SeaGards personnel use their knowledge to ensure all parties using the world’s oceans are aware of the risks surrounding any given asset. The sectors we operate in are vital for the function of the modern world. We take pride in knowing we are protecting these vital assets.
SeaGard is the only service which provides a 24/7 dedicated monitoring team for the purpose of damage prevention to marine assets. Activities in the world’s oceans do not sleep: SeaGard doesn’t either. By providing a dynamic and reliable service we can save any company with offshore assets time and money.
Using AIS based software we create protection zones around specific assets.  With our unique set of rules surrounding the assets we can detect when the threat of damage is present. Using this information, we can assess the situation and take appropriate action. Our unique database creation of vessels around client’s assets allows us to ensure the relevant groups are well informed of the risks.
As part of our package we include data analysis, using GIS, of activity around assets. This allows us to show our clients areas which are high risk. This in turn helps us to create a dynamic protection plan, which may include strategic deployment of high speed guard vessels. This area of our service can also be used for route planning, zonal protection and traffic management where relevant.
Perhaps our greatest strength is our versatility. SeaGard endeavours to work closely with clients to ensure their asset has a practical and functional protection plan in place.


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