aicep Global Parques

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Sines Tech - Innovation & Data Center Hub is a Europe’s West Coast digital ecosystem developed by aicep Global Parques, the Portuguese State-Owned-Enterprise managing ZILS – Sines’ Industrial and Logistics Zone.

Since being launched in late 2019, Sines Tech - Innovation & Data Center Hub has attracted attention not just from submarine network carriers, such as EllaLink, with an investment of 150MM€; but also data center promoters, notably the largest renewable data center project in Europe: Start - Sines Transatlantic Renewable & Technology Campus, an investment of over 3.5 billion euros in hyperscaler data center of 495MW.
Early this year, MEDUSA Submarine Cable System announced a future landing in Sines. Other CLSs are expected to follow suit. Sines Tech has been highlighted as a strategic site in the EU’s Atlantic coast, for an efficient landing of submarine cables and a premium, secure, and infrastructure location for data center setup in Europe.