Peter Jamieson | Chairman of European Subsea Cable Association & Principal Engineer
Virgin Media

Peter Jamieson, Chairman of European Subsea Cable Association & Principal Engineer, Virgin Media

Peter has worked in the telecommunications industry for over twenty three years and is currently Principal Engineer for the European Cable Operator - Liberty Global.  Peter has over seventeen years of experience in the maintenance and operation of Submarine Cables.  An Incorporated Engineer and Member of the IET and SCTE.  Peter also sits on the British Standards Committee for Optical radiation safety and laser equipment. Peter has been Chairman of the European Subsea Cables Association since 2012 in that time he has grown the organisation and overseen the publication of guidance covering all aspects of the submarine cable Industry (Power, Telco, Renewable)


Submarine Networks Europe Day 1 @ 12:10

Roundtables on strategy and innovation in the subsea cable industry

40 minute roundtable discussions followed by a 20 minute feedback session.

Addressing the security risks and protecting our subsea cable infrastructure

Submarine Networks Europe Day 2 @ 14:25

The regulatory challenges in an evolving industry

  • Regulating the new players
  • Issues of competition with different industries and the need for cross-industry regulation
  • Addressing changing geo-politics
  • Responding to environmental regulation

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