Giuseppe Sini | Head of Retelit International BU

Giuseppe Sini, Head of Retelit International BU, Retelit

Giuseppe Sini, Head of Retelit International Business Unit since July 2016 is in charge of Retelit International business, network and operations. Member of AAE-1 Management Committee.
Started in 1994 in the Business Corporate Division of Telecom Italia., he held various positions until he was appointed Head of International Top Customers Sales.
From 1999 to 2001 he was Sales Director at Teleglobe.
In 2001, returned in Telecom Italia Group as CEO of TMI (Tele Media International), a subsidiary in the global managed services market, Mr. Sini repositioned TMI successfully into the new created subsidiary Telecom Italia Sparkle.
Then he was appointed COO of Latin American Nautilus. Telecom Italia subsidiary operating a subsea network in the Americas.
In 2004, he was International Business Operations Director of Telecom Italia.
In April 2010 he has been appointed Chief Sales & Marketing Officer at Retelit. In 2014, he contributed to position Retelit in the global submarine cable market joining AAE-1 Consortium.


Submarine Networks Europe Day 1 @ 14:40

Consortium, private or hybrid model?

  • Will consortiums remain a popular model in light of recent industry changes?
  • Turning private cables into a consortium
  • Selling spectrum over capacity?
  • Who will be the key players in future partnerships?

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