Elaine Stafford | Managing Partner
DRG Undersea Consulting

Elaine Stafford, Managing Partner, DRG Undersea Consulting

Elaine Stafford has been involved in the planning, development, design, engineering, and implementation of undersea fiber-optic cable systems worldwide for over 35 years. Since joining DRG in 2002, Elaine has advised many undersea cable developers and owners- focusing on feasibility studies, business plans, partnership negotiations, cable procurement, and construction/contract management. Her clients have included financiers, private developers, carriers, consortia, and most recently, OTTs, who with her support, have implemented many new systems across the globe.

Elaine has a unique blend of project, commercial and technical expertise. Prior to joining DRG, she held executive positions at Tyco, AT&T and Bell Laboratories, with responsibilities spanning business development, global sales, project management, network engineering, product management, and R&D.  Ms. Stafford holds a BSEE from Union College and an MSEE from Stanford University. 


Submarine Networks Europe Day 2 @ 09:00

Chair's opening address

Submarine Networks Europe Day 2 @ 09:10

What will the next 5 years bring for subsea communications?

  • Emerging markets: opportunities and challenges
  • Who will be the next big players?
  • The technologies changing the future of subsea networks
  • Will it be more of the same in the next 5 years?

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