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RADWIN - Committed to delivering unmatched connected transportation solutions


RADWIN offers a variety of solutions that support the needs of train vendors and operators, either when the train is on-the-move or in the station or depot.

For example, RADWIN’s FiberinMotion® is transforming the rail & metro industry by delivering ongoing broadband train-to-ground connectivity by connecting some of the fastest trains in the world, even Virgin Hyperloop’s ultra-high-speed transportation pods.

In addition, RADWIN has introduced the new TerraBridge Wireless inter-carriage link that provides continuous high-speed 60GHz mmWave connectivity between train carriages to warrant end-to-end gigabit networks across any train.

Terrabridge also enables data offload at stations/depots, allowing optimal data flow between train’s systems and the stations/depot to efficiently conduct preventive maintenance, increase public safety and real-time passenger information.

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