DB E.C.O. Group

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Railways for the world of tomorrow. 

Deutsche Bahn’s railway expertise is in high demand all around the world. DB Engineering & Consulting offers knowledge of the entire lifecycle of railways, starting with a concept design and all the way to operations. The result is a realization of infrastructure and mobility projects in Germany and worldwide.

Our specialists and generalists across all engineering disciplines develop and implement solutions which meet our clients’ needs and connect people and markets around the world – from Germany, Australia and South Africa to the United Arab Emirates, China and Brazil. By offering sustainable solutions, we help ensure the future success of economic regions and make an important contribution to environmental protection, thereby shaping the world of tomorrow.

Some 5,000 employees from 84 different countries will leverage their expertise and intercultural experience to make your project a success. As a partner, we focus on getting results when it comes to developing strategies, connecting different modes of transportation and optimizing logistics and processes. We draw upon many years of experience to perform the right analysis for each situation and take sustainable action steps which meet our clients’ needs and prepare them for the future.

We understand traffic streams inside and out and know where to focus when it comes to rail infrastructure: Effectively combining the strengths of each individual mode of transport – rail, road, sea and air – in the interests of our customers. We have completed thousands of ventures worldwide, so we know how to manage complex infrastructure projects and how to integrate all service packages across technical disciplines. 

Deutsche Bahn International Operations is a sister company of DB Engineering & Consulting, acquires and manages railway operations and maintenance projects outside of Europe. Applying the long-standing railway experience of the DB Group (with 340,000 staff worldwide and 44 Billion Euros in annual revenue) to international railway projects, DB IO takes over operational responsibility for passenger and freight railway systems and builds high-performing O&M organisations. They operate urban transportation systems, commuter, long-distance and high-speed rail systems, covering operations and maintenance of both rolling stock and infrastructure. DB IO´s focus is on both newly built (greenfield) and existing systems.

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