Axon Vibe

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Axon Vibe understands and predicts real-world human behavior by leveraging smartphone sensor data and provides true personalization through public transport operators’ mobile apps. We seek strategic partnerships with innovative public transport operators and authorities to mutually launch the leading customer-centric Smart Mobility App and Platform.

Our cutting-edge solution is jointly developed, designed, user tested and launched by Swiss Railways (SBB) and Axon Vibe in Switzerland and also being piloted by MTA in New York. These strategic partnerships are spearheaded by senior leadership of both SBB and MTA, as they recognize the unique value our solution provides to the passengers, the agencies and the greater community:

  1. Proactive passenger steering to reduce impacts of service disruptions, minimize peak loads and improve transportation efficiency
  2. Truly personalized mobile app experience, including disruption handling to improve customer communication and satisfaction
  3. Connecting public transport with extended micro-mobility services to orchestrate seamless door-to-door mobility

Privacy is at the core of our company and solution. We are committed to the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and treat users’ data privacy with the highest priority by implementing privacy-by-design, including giving users full control of their data.

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