Vivek Mohan | Director, Mechanical Engineering (Freight)
Indian Railways

Vivek Mohan, Director, Mechanical Engineering (Freight), Indian Railways

          Oct 2017 to Present   : Director, Mechanical Engineering(Freight), Indian  Railways
           Managing the activities of the Freight department of the Mechanical Engineering directorate of Indian Railways at the ministry level.
          Key Responsibilities

  • Formulation & Preparation of policy drafts for approval of the Railway Board.
  • Policy formulation for adoption of New Technology in Rolling Stock sector of Indian Railways especially related to increasing modal share of Railways by bringing traffic from Road to Rail leading to reduction in CO2 emissions.
  • Leading the initiatives in Sustainable Development  - Biggest large scale deployment in the world of 220,000 BioToilet Systems in Indian Railways Coaches.
  • Implementing projects related to use of Solar Power & Fuel Cell Technology in Rolling Stock.
  • Identification & planning for execution of projects for improving & enhancing the Freight maintenance infrastructure.
  • Procurement of Goods & Services at the Ministry level for projects related to Freight transportation sector.
  • Finalization of consultancy contracts.
  • Monitoring & facilitating Implementation of IT Projects : Provision of RFID tags on all freight stock of Indian Railways, Freight Maintenance Module(FMM), Online Monitoring of Rolling Stock(OMRS),Indian Railways Wagon Management System(IRWMS).
  • Holding Co-ordination meeting with various stakeholders (Public & Private sector) & preparation of minutes of the meeting.
  • Technical member in the procurement tenders of items for production of wagons by Indian Railways workshops.
  • Review of the freight cars serviceability on daily basis over the Indian Railways & facilitating field units in co-ordination with other units.


Rail Live 2020 - 2nd April @ 13:00

Digitising Freight Operations at Indian Railways

  • Developing applications of new technologies into our network to develop our capabilities
  • The role of our national data centre in developing a sophisticated approach to digitisation
  • Gaining insights into the health of our assets: sharing our acoustic gearing detectors maintenance project
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