Ville Lehmuskoski | Chief Executive Officer

Ville Lehmuskoski, Chief Executive Officer, H.K.L.

Mr. Ville Lehmuskoski (M.Sc., eMBA) has worked as CEO of Helsinki City Transport HKL since 2014. HKL is responsible of public transport infrastructure in Helsinki and operation of tram and metro traffic. In addition HKL takes care of e.g. city bike system and park&ride facilities. The annual turnover of HKL is over 200 million € and the amount of investments is above 1,8 billion € during a decade. Before his current post in HKL Mr. Lehmuskoski has worked as the director for traffic planning in the city of Helsinki and as a director in Helsinki Region Public Transport Authority HRT.


Rail Live 2020 - 2nd April @ 10:20

How can the world’s urban transport organisations provide a cleaner, more connected, more punctual service for the mega cities of the future?

  • Which of our projects are we able to use as benchmarks of high-quality, digital deployment with tangible benefits for operations and passenger experience?
  • How can metro and commuter rail leaders round the world embrace disruptive technologies and incorporate them into legacy systems?
  • How can we integrate regional commuter networks and metros to provide seamless mobility options across an entire metropolitan area?
  • What is the role of the station in this future of mobility?

Rail Live 2020 - 2nd April @ 12:00

The future of Helsinki: How the city of Helsinki will transform its tram & metro network and other mobility options

  • Heavy expansion of our tram network with improved speed and capacity of trams
  • What kind of actions are we going to take to increase capacity across our metro system
  • What other topics are to be developed to increase sustainable urban mobility
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