Timothy Papandreou | Founder
Emerging Transport Advisors

Timothy Papandreou, Founder, Emerging Transport Advisors

Timothy is the founder and CEO of Emerging Transport Advisors providing strategic guidance to
companies, investors, startups and governments on the active, shared, electric, connected and
automated transport transition. As the former strategic partnerships manager at Google X and
Waymo, he collaborated with teams to prepare the commercialization of the company and set
up first-in-kind partnerships to launch the world's first fully self-driving ride hail service in
Phoenix, while being fully immersed in automation technology and its implications for the
broader society. He co-founded City Innovate, a smart city platform matching governments,
companies, and startups to accelerate innovation through the STIR (startup in residence)
program. As Chief Innovation Officer for San Francisco’s transportation agency, Timothy lead
cross-functional teams to deliver high profile initiatives including; the US Smart City Challenge
pioneering the Shared, Electric, Connected and Automated vision raising over $200m in
technology sector support; the Strategic Work Plan which met its 50% sustainable mode share
goal 3 years early; launched major multimodal, shared mobility and mixed-use redevelopment
public/private partnership projects; and the Mayor’s Vision Zero traffic safety program. His
unique insights and thought leadership draw from his varied experience and strong track record
to join the dots, lead teams, build partnerships and deliver innovation.


Rail Live 2020 - 31st March @ 10:10

How can we design, build, operate and maintain world-class transport services in order to achieve global sustainability goals?

  • As sustainability becomes an increasingly important differentiator for rail around the world how can we ensure that future projects meet global, national and local objectives?
  • What steps do we need to take for rail to compete with air and road as the preferred mode of transport for passengers?
  • Which technologies will be the key to this transformation of our economies, cities and transport systems?

Rail Live 2020 - 31st March @ 13:15

Questions and Discussion with our speakers

Our speakers will take the stage again to take questions from the audience and discuss any details of interest with our audience

Rail Live 2020 - 31st March @ 15:15

Panel: Building effective mobility platforms which meet customer demands, improve mobility services and manage commercial challenges

·What is the ultimate aim of mobility 4.0 and which outcomes need to be prioritised?·How can challenges around open data, real time information and data analysis be resolved between mobility partners?·Is micro-Mobility a help or a hindrance to the goal of encouraging public transport through smart mobility? ·Does blockchain offer a possible basis for unbiased mobility partnerships and platforms?·What Regulation would support positive developments towards an integrated mobility landscape?

Rail Live 2020 - 2nd April @ 09:25

The future of mobility: Automated, Shared and Electric

  • The definition of public and intercity transport is changing and broadening to include on-demand and shared modes.
  • The shift from single use operations to mobility as a service and soon the dawning of lifestyle as a service lead by technology companies.
  • How ready are today's rail operators to seize the opportunity?

Rail Live 2020 - 2nd April @ 09:45

Can transport operators diversify to mix the agility and daring of start-ups with the risk appetite of entrepreneurs to create the mobility of the future?

  • What is the importance of digital platforms that push the boundaries and provoke a radical paradigm shift in the transport business?
  • How can we partner with start-ups to increase their level of flexibility, while also launching new flexible on-demand services that are needed?
  • Can we conciliate a new business approach with the social objectives while answering the expectations of travellers?
  • Can we develop tailor-made services while preserving mass public transport as the backbone of our countries?
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