Silvia Dominguez | ERTMS Senior Project Manager

Silvia Dominguez, ERTMS Senior Project Manager, INECO

Silvia Domínguez, senior project manager in the field of ERTMS. Since the beginning of her career she has been involved in defining the ERTMS system specifications in both European and national groups. During her 15 years in Ineco, Silvia has led teams that have designed, deployed and provided support for the authorization of ERTMS systems throughout Europe.  Focus on interoperability, capacity, railway performance and innovation has been key during her carreer. She is currently technical leader for the ERTMS Deployment Management Team set up by the European Commission and leads the works for specialized ERTMS support for entities such as the state railway safety agency ADIF or the Israeli infrastructure manager.


Rail Live 2020 - 1st April @ 11:30

Technology and Strategy Roundtables

Delegates are invited to choose a topic or geographical region and then sit at the relevant table to discuss this among other industry experts.


Rail Live 2020 - 2nd April @ 12:15

ERTMS Deployment Management Team: Effects of a more synchronized, interoperable and timely implementation of ERTMS

  • The status of ERTMS deployment in Europe and introduction of ERTMS Deployment Management Team
  • Lessons learnt from ERTMS deployment around Europe and why it is necessary to achieve a synchronized, interoperable and timely implementation of the system
  • Outlining the next steps for ERTMS
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