Richard Kujan | Chief Information Officer
Slovak Railways

Richard Kujan, Chief Information Officer, Slovak Railways

IT professional with deep technical knowledge but with strong focus on delivering business outcome through customer experience. I am always asking WHY and then show my customers HOW. Thanks to this narative I was able to change ongoing projects and in a short period of time we were able to deliver responsive booking of tickets, mobile apps for Android and iOS and improvements for our operations. Our train drivers will use tablets instead of papers and our train attendands will use handheld devices with smaller footprint and modern Android apps. Also we’re making changes how we will market our brand using advanced marketing tools.  I've been working within different industries ranging from airlines through telco to automotive. Now, as a CIO in railwyas I can use all the experience to focus on customer experience and use the technology as a tool to achieve customer satisfaction. My main focus is customer satisfaction and business outcome, everything IT related is just a tool. I use the technology like an artist - use the tools and imagination - to give our customers the best experience they can get. Also my boss and my colleagues are my customers.

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