Paul Boyle | Head Of Ertms

Paul Boyle, Head Of Ertms, LNER

My name is Paul Boyle, I am LNER’s Head of ERTMS and I have worked in train driving, Control, Safety and strategic operations for the ECML Train operating Companies for over 36 years. I have been involved in the industry’s transition to ERTMS since 2004, working as part of industry working groups and forums.  
Since early 2012, as the ERTMS programme for GB started to mobilise towards design and delivery on the ECML, I was appointed to lead on LNER ‘s development and engagement into the East Coast Digital Programme. 
I am responsible for preparing LNER and the Industry Partners for the future changes that ERTMS and our new Azuma trains will bring, developing our business knowledge and providing input into the many emerging work-streams; such as, the strategic design of routes and the future Digital Railway enhancement schemes for the ECML, development of the operating principles for Class 800/801 Azuma Trains, ETCS train fitment, operational rules and procedures, as well as the training and awareness for all affected staff.
I am a member of the Institute of Railway Operators, East Coast Digital Programme Board, Chair the Rail Delivery Group (RDG) Future Operations Training Strategy Group and Co-Chair the Digital Railway Systems and Operations Board and support many other cross-industry groups as part of the East Coast Digital Programme.


Rail Live 2020 - 1st April @ 15:00

Unpacking the East Coast programme: the delivery, principles and benefits

  • Preparing LNER and industry partners for the future changes that ERTMS and new Azuma trains will bring
  • Evaluating the most effective methods of managing the ETCS train fitment and delivery phase
  • Looking to future digital railway enhancement schemes to compliment the new train induction and remain customer-driven
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