Nigel Holness | Managing Director
London Underground

Nigel Holness, Managing Director, London Underground

Nigel is the Managing Director of London Underground, the world's oldest underground railway, dating back to 1863. His current responsibilities include the safe and efficient operation of the world's 11th busiest metro system - handling up to 5 million passenger journeys per day - made up of 270 stations, over 180 miles of tunnels and 600+ trains.

Nigel joined London Underground over 33 years ago, beginning his career on the railway as a Signalling Technician in 1985. Since then he's held a number of roles at a senior level in operations, customer service, engineering and health and safety.


Rail Live 2019 - 6th March @ 09:10

Keynote Interview: Nigel Holness, Managing Director, London Undergound

Nigel Holness will sit down to discuss the future of rail technology in the world’s oldest underground system. TfL oversees one of the outstanding urban rail networks in the world with over 1.5 billion journeys per year. Nigel will share London's strategy for future growth and their drive for deeper digitalisation as London continues to capitalise on digital innovaiton that is profoundly changing the face of transport.

Rail Live 2019 - 6th March @ 09:25

Keynote Digital Rail Panel: How can the rail industry adapt to the rapid changes that come with digital technology and embrace the digital revolution?

  • With the rise of IoT, sensors and automation, what are the priorities of the future of public transport?
  • What is the role of public transport operators in the future of door to door travel?
  • How can we use Artificial Intelligence in a sustainable way to ensure reliability and cost-effective maintenance?
  • Where will the next generation of disruptors in the transport industry come from and how can we prepare our organisations?
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