Nicolás Orejuela Botero | CEO
Metro Cali | Colombia

Nicolás Orejuela Botero, CEO, Metro Cali

Nicolas Orejuela Botero has a degree in Law from the Universidad de San Buenaventura. Having previously worked in the Cali Mayor’s office, Mr Orejuela Botero has extensive experience in public sector operations and law. He is currently the CEO of Metro Cali.


World Metro Rail Congress Day 2 @ 11:30

CEO PANEL: The future of new projects and expansion in the LATAM region

  • Is infrastructure key to lifting Latin America’s competitiveness?
  • What is the scope for new projects in Latin America and how has policy changed to make new projects more viable?
  • What will LatAm rail need to overcome to become stronger in the next 10 years?

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