Naeem Ali | Engineering Director & Principle Consultant
CBTC Solutions

Naeem Ali, Engineering Director & Principle Consultant, CBTC Solutions

Naeem Ali is a CBTC Expert who has been working with CBTC technologies for 15+ years. He has deployed 8 CBTC projects around world including:

- Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) YUS line 1 (Canada)
- New York City Transit Queens Borough Line (USA)
- Makkah Metro (Saudi Arabia)
- Singapore NSEW (Singapore)
- Jacksonville Monorail (USA)
- Newark Airport People Mover (USA)
- Las Vegas Monorail (USA)
- Busan Gimhae Monorail (South Korea)
Naeem is based out of Toronto, Canada and works as an independent consultant providing
CBTC expertise. You can follow his blog, read his white papers and view his webinars at

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