Meike Niedbal | Head of Business Development
D.B. Station and Service

Meike Niedbal, Head of Business Development, D.B. Station and Service

Meike Niedbal has held a variety of positions at Deutsche Bahn since joining more than seven years ago. As an expert in sustainable innovation, she has managed projects in areas such as e-mobility, autonomous driving and rural mobility. Today she is the project lead of Deutsche Bahn’s Smart Cities Project and she creates strategic concepts for stations in her position as Head of Business Development for the Station&Service business.


World Metro Rail Congress Day 1 @ 17:20

Closing keynote panel: How can we make sure that the urban rail investments that we make now will pay dividends for our cities in the future?

  • Weighing up the initial investment in new technologies such as predictive maintenance when your current infrastructure is in need of repair?
  • How can we deliver higher levels of sustainability, cost-efficiency and drive capacity on our existing budgets?
  • What more can we do to get the most out of our existing infrastructure and what technologies can help us?
  • What are the latest innovative ways to fund new projects and raise money for improvements?

World Metro Rail Congress Day 2 @ 14:20

How Deutsche Bahn and “ioki” are bringing on-demand autonomous driving into the public transport industry?

  • Developing a fully integrated AV solution to compliment your existing rail infrastructure and offering a more personalised and environmentally friendly urban transit ecosystem  
  • Using artificial intelligence and machine learning to offer real time routing that makes daily journeys easier and more flexible
  • Creating a digital eco system for open and on-demand transit
  • Results and findings from integration in German cities

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