Marc Valette | Director Of Innovation
C.F.L. Multimodal

Marc Valette, Director Of Innovation, C.F.L. Multimodal

Marc Valette is the Director of Innovation and continuous improvement for the group CFL multimodal in Luxembourg. He has more than 20 years of experience in the field of freight and logistics in operational positions as well in consulting in Supply chain. After having managed sales, the intermodal operator and the logistics activities, he is now in charge of innovation at CFL multimodal. The main role of his current position is to prepare the future of all freight businesses. By assessing the current internal processes and market evolution, his objectives are to evaluate potential needs for evolve or change. Analysing, identifying, developing and testing are among his responsibilities in order to make businesses more efficient, more customer focused  and sustainable. Among other he will explain how the group, with its specificity of being rather small, introduces new technologies as IOT solutions for the tracking and tracing of flows, introduction of the use of video, images recognition and IA to change the safety controls in the daily business. The size of CFL multimodal required also to create a special approach in terms of innovation. Limited size and resources oblige to build a special and more dedicated approach by being more pragmatic and agile to achieve results, mainly measured on client returns and internal resources acceptance and change.



Rail Live 2020 - 2nd April @ 12:00

Driving innovation as a small player in rail freight logistics

  • How are we integrating innovation into the core of our company?
  • Having effective and focused strategies which shape the investment & innovation decision making
  • Promoting agile and pragmatic approaches in innovation to improve efficiency and services delivery to compete with other transport modes
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