Manfred Rudhart | Chief Executive Officer
Arriva Plc

Manfred Rudhart, Chief Executive Officer, Arriva Plc

Manfred joined Arriva as CEO in January 2016 following 8 years in a variety of senior management and financial roles within Deutsche Bahn AG, including CEO for DB Regio AG – the DB company which operates short distance train services, metros and buses in Germany. Prior to that Manfred worked for management consultancy firm Booz Allen Hamilton, joining in 1996 before becoming a member of the firm's management board in 2003.

Manfred started his professional career in research and development for laser applications. He studied electrical engineering at the Technical University of Karlsruhe before gaining a PhD in the same field at the Franco-Allemand Institute in Saint-Louis, France in 1995


Rail Live 2020 - 31st March @ 10:40

What do operators need from governments, infrastructure managers and technology providers to implement the new liberalised status quo in rail?

  • What lessons can we take from existing examples of a liberalised system to understand the technological challenges that lie ahead?
  • How will liberalisation help the rail world achieve the ultimate goals of transporting more passengers for a lower price in a more sustainable way?
  • What are the dangers of thinking of liberalisation as a silver bullet?
last published: 05/Mar/20 15:15 GMT

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