Lea Steurs | Project Manager - Smartrail 4.0

Lea Steurs, Project Manager - Smartrail 4.0, SBB

Dr. Lea Steurs is currently responsible for the roll-out strategy team of the future train equipment at SmartRail 4.0. Before, she was leading different strategic projects at SBB, such as a study about higher automation systems for trains. Lea Steurs studied Materials Science at ETH Zurich and the University of Pennsylvania and worked on optical nanosystems at the IBM Research Center in Ruschlikon. She holds a PhD in Electrical Engineering from ETH Zurich.

With the SmartRail 4.0 programme, the Swiss railway industry is harnessing the potential of new technologies and digitalisation to further increase capacity and safety, make more efficient use of the railway infrastructure and save costs, aiming at improving the railway’s competitiveness in the long term. SmartRail 4.0 aims to introduce new functionalities quickly, including new on-board CCS functions on trains.  A new modular platform on the train will enable efficient maintainability and upgrades during operation at low costs.


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Future-proofing train controls

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