Kristian Kolind | Director, Mobility Services And Business Development

Kristian Kolind, Director, Mobility Services And Business Development, Vy

Kristian Kolind works as Head of Corporate Strategy & M&A at  the leading Nordic transport company NSB (Norwegian State Railways), based in Oslo. At NSB, he developed the company’s new mobility strategy, and is now leading the screening, prioritisation and establishment of NSB’s last mile initiatives such as car sharing and autonomous busses. Kristian began his career at McKinsey, and worked as an engagement partner at the Nordic strategy consultancy QVARTZ before joining NSB in 2017. Kristian is Danish and holds a M.Sc. in Business and Innovation from Copenhagen Business School.


Rail Live 2020 - 1st April @ 15:15

Making inter-modality a reality in Norway: what should the role of the national rail carrier be?

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