Kilian Ulm | Chief Business Officer
Axon Vibe

Kilian Ulm, Chief Business Officer, Axon Vibe

Kilian is the Head of Business at Axon Vibe and a dedicated international business development professional with entrepreneurial spirit and skills. He is an engineer by education (ETH Zurich) with work experience ranging from innovative start-up ventures to large multinational corporations. In between business calls and travel, you’ll most likely find Kilian skiing off one of Switzerland’s majestic mountains or kite surfing crystal-clear waters.


Rail Live 2020 - 1st April @ 12:30

Commuter-centric Smart Mobility for Public Transport

  • User Experience: Put commuter’s mind at ease through proactive and personalized disruption information in your Mobile App, leveraging automatically detected and predicted travel patterns of individual commuters.
  • Optimised operations: Minimize peak loads and improve transportation efficiency through contextual passenger flow steering in your Mobile App to jointly tackle the urban challenges in the context of growing population and limited space.
  • Centextual Moments Marketing: Empower your Mobile App to contextually trigger extended mobility services (e.g. taxi in case of cancellation) and commercial third-party offers (e.g. free coffee in case of delay); thereby connecting eco-systems and introducing new revenue streams for Public Transport Operators and Authorities.
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