Juergen Maier | Advisor

Juergen Maier, Advisor, Independent

Juergen started his career in the aviation business. He was responsible for developing markets within Europe and then for internal and external consulting for Zurich Airport.

He moved to railways around 16 years ago, with positions in infrastructure as a quality & risk-manager in operations, development & optimisation of shunting yards and last-mile operations, further supporting activities for the Freight CEO in strateg, project- and risk matters.

Now he is responsible for international affairs & projects for a BLS, which runs passenger and freight trains and maintains/develops infrastructure. Juergen is heavily involved in European Policy as extension of Trans- European-(Freight)-Network and its funding, and is one of the rapporteurs for the Top-10-priorities agreed by the rail sector towards EU-commission and part of a European Freight-CEO’s initiative to push rail freight

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