Jonny Dymond | Journalist

Jonny Dymond, Journalist, BBC

Jonny Dymond is a Royal Correspondent and Presenter for BBC News.  He started his career with the BBC at their Westminster office, covering British politics. He was a Foreign Correspondent for 15 years, with postings in Istanbul, Brussels and Washington DC.  He reported on the attacks of 9/11 from the US, the occupation of Iraq from Baghdad and beyond and dozens of elections, natural disasters,  and summits from all around the world.  He currently presents  a range of news programmes for BBC World Service and BBC Radio 4, as well as reporting on news about the British Royal family.  He lives in London.


Rail Live 2020 - 1st April @ 09:45

Digitalisation and competition - how can global rail adapt to the challenges ahead?

  • Where are the challenges for operators and infrastructure managers when adapting to liberalisation?
  • How close are we to a fully digitalised and integrated multi-modal passenger experience?
  • What services can rail operators and infrastructure managers offer to diversify and enhance operations and experience?
  • Where can we take steps to ensure that rail becomes the primary global transport mode of the future?
last published: 05/Mar/20 15:15 GMT

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