John Porrill | Head of New Product Development

John Porrill, Head of New Product Development, Pandrol

John has worked in the Rail Fastenings sector for over 25 years, having previously had careers in Aerospace and Medical. He has a wide-ranging experience across all the railway sectors, from Heavy Haul railways to Light Rail systems. Responsible for the development and delivery of systems of fastenings that are aimed at improving track safety and reliability, leveraging technology and innovative processes to reduce the need for the human element in track whilst increasing productivity, and track availability. With experience gained from the implementation of fastening systems on a number of the worlds High-Speed railways John has brought his experience to the European standards group for Non-Ballasted track, where he is one of a number of experts developing a standard for non-ballasted track systems.


Rail Live 2020 - 1st April @ 12:30

Innovating pre-assembly for slab track

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