Helmut Hohenbichler | Consultant
Boom Software AG

Helmut Hohenbichler, Consultant, Boom Software AG

Starting the career at the Austrian Railways (ÖBB) in 1983 as a technical worker for maintaining rail vehicles. Fast running through the ÖBB technical education plan for mechanical and electrical engineering. Starting up with IT in rail maintenance in the early 1990s with focus on collecting all technical and transactional data for engineering of assets lifecycle, maintenance improvement und optimization of maintenance plans for locos, passenger and cargo vehicles. Since 2010 deep insights in rail logistics business processes, rail fleet management and optimization, as well as in rail operations and optimization, especially in conjunction with Digitalization, Industry 4.0, IoT and Telemetric, also data science and application of AI corresponding to predictive analyses, fleet productivity, digital twins, …
Actually, working as Digital Rail Consulting Analyst with focus on all rail relevant digitalization topics and as a Top Executive Coach to help and lead rail companies to transform and lever their established mindsets and organizations in the digital age. At all, deep professional background and rail expertise for over 35 years.

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