Hans Cruse | Director

Hans Cruse, Director, Spårvagnsstäderna

Cruse has been director of the Swedish tramway advocacy organization "Spårvagnsstäderna" for several years. With a background in sustainability science, his main task is to facilitate the process of cities and regions interested in acquiring a tramway or light rail system, or better use the ones already in place. Knowledge sharing is an important aim of the organization and comes in the form of seminars, articles and collaborations to make sure that all aspects of building a tramway are being considered. One of his major concerns when it comes to new tramway systems is to avoid reinventing the wheel in each new system being built, and he has keen interest to figure out how cities, operators or even contractors can learn from each other at an international leve


Rail Live 2020 - 31st March @ 12:15

Swedish light rail: sustainability at the forefront of mobility challenges across Sweden

  • Why light rail is more discussed now in Scandinavia in general and the perception of light rail in the public. And why has all the systems that have been built been such a success, and what can we learn?
  • Challenges to future light rail projects. How do we meet increasing demand which seems to be increasing much higher than other public transport? How should new systems be financed?
  • What expertise is needed in Sweden to build the best possible light rail systems?
  • What can be learnt from a European and global level, and what can we teach our colleagues abroad?
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