Giorgio Travaini | Head of Research & Innovation
Shift2Rail Joint Undertaking

Giorgio Travaini, Head of Research & Innovation, Shift2Rail Joint Undertaking

Giorgio Travaini as Shift2Rail Head of Research & Innovation is responsible for coordination of the JU’s programme with a view to ensuring that the activities contribute to the fulfilment of the objectives of the S2R Master Plan.
Prior to this posting, Giorgio Travaini was Senior Corporate advisor at UNIFE – the association of the European rail industry – advising the General Director on strategic topics, and liaising with the Shift2Rail Founding Members. He had been coordinating since 2010 the preparation phase of Shift2Rail, that lead to the JU regulation proposals of the European Commission.
Since 2007, Giorgio Travaini was responsible as Senior Technical Manager for the supervision and coordination of more than 30 successfully EU-funded research projects, the UNIFE dedicated team and technical committees. He had also been significantly involved in ERRAC – the European Technology Platform for Rail Research – where he covered the secretary role.
In 2006, Giorgio Travaini assisted Mr Paolo Costa, Chairman of the Transport and Tourism Committee of the European Parliament, in all legislative dossiers both in Brussels and Strasbourg.
He joined the EU environment in 2004, working for the European association of Chamber of Commerce in Brussels and for the Brussels Regional office representation of his native region – Valle d’Aosta (IT).
Prior to that, Giorgio Travaini had other international experiences from 2001 in Rome working for Procter&Gamble and in Paris working for BNP Paribas Cardiff.
Giorgio Travaini holds an Engineering Degree (Polytechnic of Turin) and a Master Degree in public affairs (London South Bank University).


Rail Live 2020 - 1st April @ 17:35

Are we able to create infrastructure that can act as the pivot for the digitally-connected transport industry of the future?

  • How can we develop rail infrastructure that is not only safe but also ready to make best use of the onslaught of technology across passenger and freight rail?
  • Where are the key focus areas in order to prepare urban and long-distance infrastructure for the liberalization of the global rail market?
  • Developing flexible, smart infrastructure that is able to incorporate new technology, applications and software.
  • How can we develop to seamlessly cooperate with other stakeholders within the transport sector and beyond.
  • The ever-changing mind-set of rail company management and the role of client-based performance thinking
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