Florian Kappler | Program Lead SR40

Florian Kappler, Program Lead SR40, BLS AG

Since mid 2018 Florian Kappler holds the position as BLS’ Program Lead and Business Architect for the Swiss railway industry’s innovation program smartrail 4.0. Prior to this position he was the Head of Strategic Planning at BLS’ railway division. Before joining BLS Florian Kappler held various leadership positions at SBBs international and long distance passenger traffic division, in management consulting and in other service industries, focusing on strategic development and change, customer experience management, business and corporate development. Florian earned a master’s degree in business administration and engineering as well as a Ph.D. in strategic management.


Rail Live 2020 - 1st April @ 12:15

Smartrail 4.0: a vision for the future of rail in Switzerland and beyond

  • Sharing the objectives of theSmartRail4.0 project and our vision for the future
  • Discussing some key conceptswhich are fundamental to a Smart Rail system
  • What are our milestonesin the near future? ‘Quick wins’ and the human role within innovation

Rail Live 2020 - 1st April @ 13:00

PANEL: Making rail the competitive choice with digital transformation

  • What is the goal of a digital transformation in rail – and is automation the holy grail?
  • Which technologies can unlock opportunities for true digital transformation? Discussing everything from blockchain, IOT, augmented reality and RFID
  • How can operators, infrastructure networks and industry partners enable international collaboration, standardisation and coordinated innovation?
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