Fernando Mele | Business Development Director
Datastar Argentina SA

Fernando Mele, Business Development Director, Datastar Argentina SA

Fernando Mele is an experienced Engineer specialized in Business Development.
His experience in Public Sector, Multinational and Medium-size Companies, Entrepreneurships and Project Appraisal Teaching gave him a broad understanding of the main variables that affect each business and the best approach to handle them.
He has been working at Datastar for almost 10 years, first performing as Operations Manager and nowadays as Director of Business Development.
Datastar is an IT Company, well known in the LATAM region for its commitment to clients and ability to deliver a wide variety of IT Solutions with the highest quality standards.
During the last years, Datastar began an audacious expansion in the Transportation and Telecommunications markets. Fernando is actively involved in this process, mainly as Project Director in “Roca Train Rail Communication System Project”, which included Radwin Train-to-Ground Technology along 60 km of railway and more than 60 trains.
He lives in Buenos Aires with his wife and 3 year-old son. His hobbies are tennis and running. He is a big fan of outdoor activities.

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