Esther Bravo Barquero | Programme Manager
Shift2Rail Joint Undertaking

Esther Bravo Barquero, Programme Manager, Shift2Rail Joint Undertaking

Esther Bravo as Shift2Rail Programme Manager is responsible for the coordination of the JU’s IP4 Innovation Programme “IT Solutions for Attractive Railway Services”. IP4 Programme has the objective to achieve a seamless multimodal door-to-door travel across Europe. Her involvement in the Information Technologies project management started 10 years ago, when she joined SEPSA, a technology company specialized in the design, manufacture and sales of equipment for trains, metros and trams. She has always been focused in project management in the IT sector, first in the private sector, working at IBM and Oracle, and then, in the Public Sector, when she became Permanent Official and started to work as Head of Department for the Ministry of Justice in Spain. She was member of the IT management team reporting directly to the CIO. She also was in charge of the management of large, global, multi-disciplinary projects such as LexNET (security platform for the electronic communication with courts) and the implementation of Digital Justice in all the courts. Prior to that, Esther Bravo had other experiences working in the IT Sector, working for the Blue Brain Project in Switzerland and the CSIC in Spain.


Rail Live 2020 - 2nd April @ 12:00

How can international rail operators collaborate to create platforms for connected, accessible rail at an international level?

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