Donald Mishaxhiu | Associate Director, Senior Banker Infrastructure Europe
European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)

Donald Mishaxhiu, Associate Director, Senior Banker Infrastructure Europe, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)

Donald Mishaxhiu has over 20 years of experience in financing infrastructure projects both in public and private sectors. He has worked on many infrastructure operations from project origination to structuring and implementation including rehabilitation and new construction of urban, regional and national roads, airports, sea ports, railways etc. Currently works as Senior Banker in the Infrastructure Europe team, part of the Sustainable Infrastructure Group, at the EBRD Headquarters in London with responsibility for business development and portfolio in Western Balkans and Baltic countries.


Rail Live 2020 - 31st March @ 12:00

EBRD and the upcoming challenges in the Western Balkans

  • Europe’s connectivity agenda and how the Western Balkans will fit into this mega-project
  • How can we meet capacity demands for skills and borrowing?
  • How can countries reform processes in line with EBRD’s financial tools?

Rail Live 2020 - 31st March @ 12:15

What steps need to be taken on an international level to ensure that rail continues to boom globally?

  • How can IFIs and other financial organisations identify projects that are both sustainable and achievable?
  • What are the key criteria to look for when identifying projects to invest into?
  • How can we ensure that capital is channelled into key geographical areas for international growth?
  • How can we ensure the economic spillover effect is maximised after huge capital expenditure?
last published: 05/Mar/20 15:15 GMT

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