David Alvarez Diez | Research Engineer

David Alvarez Diez, Research Engineer, ArcelorMittal

David Alvarez is a Chemical Engineer with ten years’ experience as senior materials research engineer in R&D of steel products. He has completed a Master in Innovation Management and Business Development and his main activity focuses on the designing, development and manufacturing of new metallic materials collaborating with technology centres and end-users of metallic materials in the development of processes and products


Rail Live 2019 - 6th March @ 13:00

Low Carbon, and Low Carbon Vanadium (LCV) for Grooved Tramway Rails with wear performance and life estimation of LCV rails

  • What are the advantages of LCV when compared to the use of High Carbon rails for urban and city transit?
  • The impact of LCV rail microstructure on wear and how does this provide an extended rail life for new grades?
  • Low Carbon Grooved rail: The importance of weldability
last published: 20/Feb/19 17:35 GMT

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