Corinna Sinzig | Startup and Innovation Manager, DB mindbox
Deutsche Bahn AG

Corinna Sinzig, Startup and Innovation Manager, DB mindbox, Deutsche Bahn AG

Dr. Corinna Sinzig enables disruptive innovations at Deutsche Bahn, Europe’s largest railway and mobility provider. As a Startup and Innovation Manager at DB mindbox, the startup hub of Deutsche Bahn, she bridges the gap between fast and agile entrepreneurial minds and established experts. Corinna manages programs in the area of Construction Tech at DB mindbox, e.g. the current program “ConTech: The Next Generation” with application possibility until August 8th. Bringing in a strong academic background in the area of strategic management, Corinna’s trademark is a symbioses of hands-on innovation and a long-term perspective. Interested to learn more? Reach out to Corinna via LinkedIn and check out the current program’s website.

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