Armando Carillo Zanuy | Secretary General

Armando Carillo Zanuy, Secretary General, Eurnex

Armando Carrillo Zanuy (M) is a railway expert with more than 15 years of experience in modelling railway systems, logistics systems and high-speed railway systems. He has a degree on Civil Engineering by the Polytechnic University of Valencia, Master of Science (railway logistics) by the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) Stockholm and PhD on Railway Engineering by the TU Berlin.
He has been manager and core scientist of several railway research projects at the TU Berlin, Department of Track and Railway Operations. In 2012, the VEL-Wagon project coordinated by Dr. Carrillo received from the Swedish Traffic Administration Trafikverket, Swedish Maritime Administration and Vinnova the prize “Best Green Corridor Project”.
Since 2016 he is the Secretary General of EURNEX European Rail Research Network of Excellence, he is member of the Management Committee of TRA, member of the Steering Committee of ERRAC, coordinator of the Shift2Rail project TER4RAIL and technical manager of the Shift2Rail project Assets4Rail. He is also member of the steering committee of FERRMED.


Rail Live 2020 - 31st March @ 13:00

Offering flexibility and reliability: Is Rail up to the challenge?

  • Establishing a new mindset in business: from traditional rail to industry disruptors
  • Using digital technology to optimise operations and improve services which can allow for service flexibility
  • Changing the face of rail through co-ordination at an international level

Rail Live 2020 - 31st March @ 15:15

How can rail operators, infrastructure authorities and regulators work together to shape a fruitful future of rail freight across Europe and beyond?

  • The role of collaboration, information sharing and operational standardisation to make freight a clear winner in freight
  • What do our customers expect? Making accurate decisions based on a true understanding of customer expectations
  • Innovating effectively: what is the role of technology in shaping a successful rail freight network?
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