Alexey Ozerov | Head Of International Cooperation Department, Jsc Niias
Russian Railways

Alexey Ozerov, Head Of International Cooperation Department, Jsc Niias, Russian Railways

Has been working with Research & Design Institute NIIAS, subsidiary of Russian Railways, for over 10 years in various positions related to research, signalling business unit and international cooperation. He is Deputy Chairman of the Committee for Development of Electro-technical and Intellectual ATP/ATC Systems of the Russian Association of Railway Manufacturers, JSC NIIAS representative in UIC ATRA, member of UIC Rail System and Cybersecurity Platforms, expert of IEC/TC 9/AHG 24 and TC 9/MT 62236.


Rail Live 2020 - 1st April @ 16:00

Panel: How will ETCS & automation affect the future of rail?

  • How can the daily challenges for the network be Improved with digital initiatives?
  • What will the effect of ATO and ETCS be on train drivers?
  • To what extent can the procurement process be streamlined in future?
last published: 05/Mar/20 15:15 GMT

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