Adolfo Rebollo Gomez | Chief Executive Officer
Ingeteam, S.A.

Adolfo Rebollo Gomez, Chief Executive Officer, Ingeteam, S.A.

Adolfo Rebollo (Ingeteam CEO), aged 48, got his bachelor degree in Industrial Engineering and his master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from the Bilbao School of Engineering. He joined Ingeteam right out of college, in 1996, and since January 2016 he is the Chief Executive Officer of Ingeteam S.A., a leading business group related to Engineering, Electronic Systems and Equipment for Power Conversion and Control.
Over the twenty plus years in which he has been working for the Ingeteam Group, Adolfo Rebollo has held a number of responsibilities, with particular mention of his work as head of the project to establish Ingeteam in Milwaukee (USA) from 2010-2015.

During this period, firstly he managed the investment and construction project of the first ever deployment of the Ingeteam Group in the US. He directed the construction, the procurement of the manufacturing equipment, the hiring and training of team members, the transfer of technology and the supply chain development. He also drove the business development and acted as the General Manager of Indar (Ingeteam
Group) in the country. During this years he was focused in the manufacture and marketing of wind generators for the American market, leading a very talented team who allowed the Ingeteam Group to become in three years’ time the number one supplier of wind generators for the US, and from the US. Prior to his stage in the USA, Adolfo Rebollo held the post of Technical Director of Indar, in Spain (2005-2010) and,
during his initial years within the Ingeteam Group, he worked for the industrial control and automation division (1996-2000), subsequently heading the creation of the Marine Systems Division (2000-2004).


Rail Live 2020 - 31st March @ 09:30

Keynote Address by Ingeteam Power Technology, S.A.

Rail Live 2020 - 31st March @ 10:10

How can we design, build, operate and maintain world-class transport services in order to achieve global sustainability goals?

  • As sustainability becomes an increasingly important differentiator for rail around the world how can we ensure that future projects meet global, national and local objectives?
  • What steps do we need to take for rail to compete with air and road as the preferred mode of transport for passengers?
  • Which technologies will be the key to this transformation of our economies, cities and transport systems?
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