ZITRON is a world-wide leading company in designing, manufacturing and commissioning complete ventilation systems for metro and tunnels.

ZITRON´s aerodynamic test bench requires an especial remark, as it is the world’s biggest laboratory, certified by AMCA (Air Movement and Control Association), for testing fans at full load and 100 % speed. The Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT), carried out under these conditions, guarantee a trustworthy fan performance, which is the key point to ensure a reliable ventilation system.

ZITRON’s reference list has more than 500 tunnel and metro projects, including the latest and more significant ones, as CROSSRAIL in London and Doha Metro.

Experience and know-how, providing innovative and tailor-made solutions, are ZITRON´s most appreciated values.

The growing market of ZITRON´s fans around the world, along with the high level of satisfaction of its Clients is the best mark of its quality and services.

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