Zeleros is a European company based in Spain leading development of hyperloop, a ground transport system to connect cities and logistics hubs at 1000 km/h with 0 direct emissions and high energy efficiency. Zeleros’ proprietary vehicle technologies reduce infrastructure costs radically and enable operation at safer pressures for the passengers, leading to a scalable system for long distance travel. Zeleros has already raised substantial private and public support, and collaborates with companies such as Renfe (Spain’s main high-speed rail operator) or Altran, research centers (Universitat Politècnica de València, CIEMAT, UPM, ITE..) and is supported by investors such as Plug and Play TC, Angels Capital or EIT Climate-KIC. Currently, Zeleros is preparing the construction of its 2-kilometer test-track in Spain to demonstrate the system at high speed and promoting at a European scale the creation of a regulatory & standardisation framework for hyperloop to ensure interoperability at global scale.


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