Thales is a global player with an unmatched track record in the field of ground transportation systems, both in the freight and passenger transport markets. Our expertise ranges from greenfield projects to upgrades and modernisation of existing infrastructure. We are able to offer an extensive portfolio of electronic and IT systems to national railways and urban transport operators: Signalling, Traffic Supervision, Communications, Security and Revenue Collection. 

Compatible with any type of rolling stock, Thales integrate all rail systems to ensure maximum operational efficiency and reduced operational costs. Using our systems, operators can be trusted to offer the best experience and journey to passengers using their network: safe, secure, seamless, connected and reliable.  

At heart of our Group’s DNA, Innovation allows us to always offer the best state-of-the-art solutions to the market. We develop solutions that will deliver maximum efficiency in digitalised railways of tomorrow: big data analytics, autonomous trains, cloud computing and most importantly cyber security without which no rail digitalization is possible.

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