Swisspod Technologies


A new chapter in transportation. Sustainable. Responsible. Fast.

Swisspod is a transport development firm designing and developing Hyperloop vessels and infrastructure that boast unparalleled efficiency and economic viability.

With a virtually non-existent environmental footprint, the Swisspod’s vision of the Hyperloop has limitless potential to enrich our lives as well as our planet. 

Founded in 2019 by two multiple award winners of the SpaceX Hyperloop Competition - Denis (CEO) and Cyril (CTO) - Swisspod Technologies is poised to be the first Swiss company to bring the Hyperloop to fruition. The team is already hard at work developing this technology, capable of transporting passengers and cargo alike at near-supersonic speeds, with a consumer cost below that of a modern day train ticket.

They are developing two main products in total - the Hyperloop Pod itself, as well as the tubular Infrastructure. through which it will travel at up to 1200 km/h in speed. The Pod is a specialized electric vehicle utilizing magnetic levitation to travel inside this network of low pressure concrete tubes.

In order to differentiate from existing competition, Swisspod’s aim is to enter the market with the most disruptive technology in terms of energy efficiency and cost effectiveness of said infrastructure, offering consumers a completely sustainable, totally affordable Hyperloop solution.


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