Created in 2002, Railgrup has become a benchmark cluster in the railway sector, which enhances the overall competitiveness of its members and their influence through technological excellence, sectoral knowledge and the development of joint projects.
The main objective of Railgrup is to contribute to improving the competitiveness of its members through technological cooperation as a differentiating element. Technological innovation through environments for knowledge sharing and training are the cluster response for the challenges of the near future. The current value chain of Railgrup and its vast technological offer, are one of the main assets of the cluster.
Railgrup currently counts with 90 associated companies.
The actions of Railgrup gear towards providing of detailed knowledge about the railway sector on a national and international level. We work to empower our members by providing them with better notions of the sectoral trends and with better understanding of their supply chain dynamics. Such specialized and personalized business intelligence is a key element for our members that will facilitate the planning, design and launching of new products, technologies and services to improve competitiveness.