PaxLife Innovations


PaxLife Innovations GmbH - Pioneer in Smart Connectivity and Open Software Architecture.

PaxLife Innovations GmbH is a startup that was established to connect aircraft passengers to the digital world; it has acquired over the years a strong and rich experience in the design and integration of connectivity systems. Based in Potsdam, Germany, PaxLife has now brought its cutting edge technology to rail and launched Railstack in 2019. 

Railstack is a unique game changing technology to connect vehicles to the cloud. Railstack allows unprecedented data synchronization volumes, no matter which route the vehicle takes. As part of its open architecture, Railstack supports the setup of a wide range of applications, hosted on vehicles: enhanced passenger experience, video surveillance, on-board connectivity and predictive maintenance are only some of the many use cases that Railstack enables on trains, trams, or buses. 

Below are PaxLife's turnkey solutions enabled by Railstack and currently implemented on rail: 

Video Data Offload Management - offload entire video footage during the day and make it accessible to security staff as required

Entertainment App Hosting onboard - Make any media app available in your onboard network, and free up your public WiFi

Make all live digital radio streams in your region accessible to your passengers on your onboard network

Host your IoT and Predictive Maintenance providers onboard

Railstack from PaxLife is the first open platform available for Rail that empowers system integrators or operators to conceive, build and deploy custom-made sets of applications, while streamlining operations and creating value for all stakeholders.


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