P360M is a company dedicated to power of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality in business. We are experts in building VR experiences for training and mobile apps which utilise AR. From the above expertise we created a 360 degree photography based project management tool called P360M. P360M is a service that enables project managers and safety managers, to annotate 360° photos of sites and share them via our P360M cloud service to their project teams. Users take photos with a 360° camera then annotate them by installing then using the P360M iOS or Android app. Project teams being sent images can access them via Firefox, Chrome or Safari web browser. They can rotate images to see annotations or view them in VR goggles. P360M enables the whole team to see what people onsite see, so enabling a whole team to collaborate and work together without costly visits or delays. Its the perfect tool for large scale projects, health and safety management, incident investigations and quality assurance. P360M are also experts in using 360 video and creation of VR experiences for training. A powerful tool in providing training which has been shown to increase retention of information compared to more traditional training methods. Come to our stand to experience and learn more. 


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