NaviLens is the new digital signage that helps the visually impaired people on transit, as it solves the difficulties of visually impaired people to be autonomous. Also, its inclusive aspect is remarkable: the signage serves for the sighted people too to improve the customer journey.

NaviLens technology can:

1) Help the visually-impaired users to be more independent,

2) Guide all users indoors through virtual arrows in a very innovative Augmented Reality (AR) experience, without GPS or Bluetooth, 

3) Offer real-time train arrivals information scanning any NaviLens code,

4) And all of these features in 24 languages, breaking language barriers of all subway users.

New York Subway, Madrid Atocha High-Speed Train Station, Metro of Barcelona, Tram of Murcia and many other transit organisations have implemented NaviLens technology successfully.


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